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June 29, 2016 8:12 am

Wearable Technology - Trends in 2016

Wearable Technology – Trends


Tech gadgets are getting more and more impressive these days, and there are a ton of good sites you can check out to read some reviews, like TechImperatives.com or mashable. Some of the currently trending wearable gadgets include.

  • Smart Watches
  • Fitness Watches
  • HD Action Cameras
  • Golf swing analyser
  • GPS Trackers for Parents and Children

pexels-photo-28222Smart Watches
Samsung and Apple are the primary creators of smart watches, these devices wrap around your wrist like traditional watches, but have many icons and variable apps included inside of them, often times these devices link to your mobile phone and will perform tasks by voice such as “Set appointment with _______ for Friday at 12:00pm, add note ‘for lunch'”, these are truly useful for many people on the go and who have busy lives.

Fitness Watches
From companies such as FitBit, fitness watches wrap around your wrist, but are primarily used to measure heart rate, blood pressure, distance travelled, and will alert the user as whether to relax, take a break, when they have reached their desired workout requirements, etc…

HD Action Cameras
Companies such GoPro have created head/body mountable High Definition cameras, that can record some pretty amazing things in Action, these are extremely popular items on everyone’s wishlist, say for example a professional snowboarder wanted to record himself doing radical tricks and stunts down the slopes, or a skysurfer wanted to record every crazy stunt and flip she did in Mid-Air, there are some very interesting and exciting uses for HD action cameras.

Golf swing analysers
Zepp golf 3D swing analyser is worn on the golfer’s glove and links to his/her mobile phone while they are on the course, this is a very cool and trendy gadget indeed, it has quite a few very helpful functions.

  • Swing plane
  • Speed
  • Hand path
  • Tempo
  • Hip rotation

Golfers can view this data after every swing, then the app will recommend instructional golf videos based on the analyses of the particular swing style, will compare the golfers swing to professional golfers, and has been reviewed to be an exceptionally valuable product indeed.

GPS Trackers for Parents and Children
For as little as $50.00 parents can purchase a GPS tracking device, as long as their child is wearing this device they will have detailed information on where their child is, via an app that is compatible with iOS, and Android OS.

May 25, 2016 3:06 pm

Technology and business

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, manager or leader in your workplace, you probably use technology on a daily basis. Many people consider technology to be a means of assisting employees with performance. You may also think that staying up to date with the latest technology will help you beat out your competition.

Technology Boosts Profits

That’s true. Research shows that organizations that use innovative technology are more lucrative than those that don’t. However, using technology to increase the bottom line involves more than just making employees more productive. Companies that are optimizing technology are using it in new ways. In fact, they’re using technology to transform the way they do business.

Our website can help you use technology to transform your company’s status quo. We offer articles and advice on using technology to improve productivity, communicate with customers and analyze information.erp.big_.data_.tech_.trend_

On our website, we share comprehensive knowledge about the ways in which technology can transform your business success. We have step-by-step articles that can help you implement new technology. We also offer solutions to the most common challenges in any organization.

Using Technology in the Workplace

Companies can use technology to allow employees to telecommute. They can hold virtual meetings that get everyone together without requiring them to physically congregate in the same space.

Technology can also be the liaison between different departments. When the sales team goes out in the field, members can enter data about prospective clients and what was discussed. The human resources or marketing departments can draw on this information to determine how to better staff the company or create relevant promotional strategies.young-executives-push-video-in-the-workplace

Technology can also be used to follow your potential clients. Track the people who visit your website but click away before adding products to their cart. Reach out to them with personalized emails that encourage them to come back. If you have customers who have begun the checkout process on your website but haven’t completed it, you can send them an email reminding them to pay for their items and complete the order.

[box type=”bio”] Browse the content on our website to find out how technology can help improve the structure of your workplace. If you are experiencing a problem in your organization, whether it’s with revenue, management or employee morale, there’s a good chance that the right use of technology can provide you with a solution.[/box]

Getting Everyone On Board

In order to make technology successful in any organization, employees must be trained on how to use it properly. If you’re implementing new technology and new processes, you can’t skimp on training. Technology won’t help you succeed if it’s not being used properly.

Learn More

Find out more about learning new technology in the workplace. Get information on best practices for training employees and implementing new systems. Learn what the most successful businesses are doing with technology to drive revenue.

Everyone has different goals when it comes to streamlining business processes. There are millions of different types of technology that can help you achieve your goals no matter what they are. Our website isn’t a one-size-fits-all quick fix. We’re not here to push a particular product on you. Our goal is to help you find the most appropriate solutions for challenges in the workplace and help you streamline your processes so that you can be more creative, more profitable and more successful.


May 25, 2016 3:05 pm

Nuclear Energy

In chemistry 101, students are taught that the smallest constituent of matter is called an atom and that at the core of the atom are two types of particles; protons and neutrons which are held together. The energy that holds the protons and the neutrons together is what is referred to as nuclear energy, and it is found in the nucleus of an atom.

Nuclear energy is released whenever there is a nuclear reaction; whether it is nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission is the splitting of atoms into smaller atoms while nuclear fission is the fusing together of atoms resulting in a larger atom.

Nuclear energy has the potential of producing the largest amounts of electric power without emitting any form of greenhouse gasses. Furthermore, this energy has the lowest impact on the environment compared to all other sources of electricity because it does not consume natural resources or take up much land.

Reasons To Go For Nuclear Energy

piggy-bank-nukeIt is very affordable: Nuclear power plants are not cheap to construct, enriching the uranium is costly, disposing of nuclear waste is expensive, and maintaining the power plant is costly. However, all these costs are far much lower compared to the cost of generating a similar amount of power from other sources, whether renewable or non-renewable.

Stable energy load: The base load of energy produced from nuclear power stations has a stable base, meaning that this energy can be used side by side with other sources of energy such as solar or wind energies. When the other sources are producing power at their peak the nuclear energy power can be lowered, and the opposite applies.r0_0_4022_2261_w1200_h678_fmax

Minimal pollution: As we brace ourselves for a climate crisis in the years to come owing to greenhouse gas emissions, nuclear energy production results in very little pollution. Consequently, nuclear energy harnessing should replace other forms of energy that have a devastating effect on the environment.

res300xy-str-101810-sustainabilitySustainability: Going by the definition of what a renewable and a non-renewable source of energy are, nuclear energy falls under the non-renewable category. However, with advancement in technology to the level where we can comfortably use fusion reactors and breeder reactors, nuclear energy will become sustainable. Since the sun is fuelled by atomic fusion reactions and we know it to be a sustainable source of power, then the possibilities of creating and controlling the power of the sun in our nuclear reactors will be amazing.

Energy density ratio: A good fuel is that which a small amount of the same releases a lot of energy, a phenomenon called energy density. The energy that a nuclear fission reaction will release is 10 million times greater than the same amount of fossil fuel burned to produce energy. Since nuclear energy has a very high energy density ratio, very little fuel will be required to produce a lot of power.

Nuclear energy has a few shortcomings, most of which are related to safety concerns and the disposal of nuclear waste. With the advancement in technology, the shortcomings are sure to reduce as the advantages increase.

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