Building An Ultimate Team in FIFA 17

If you are looking to create your own FIFA Ultimate Team, there are many things to consider. Try out different options that work well with your own style of playing to find your own ultimate team. Here are some tips to help you find the best players available.

A Good Start to Team Building

The best FIFA Ultimate Team is based on opinions and playing style. Your team should mean something to you, enable you to enter specific tournaments, and consist of soccer stars that you want to experiment with. Building a team based on nationality will increase your team chemistry. This is a good place to start when building your team.

Three of the Best Players Available

Three of the best players to include are Juan Manual Vargas of Peru, Romelu Lukaku of Belgium, and Marcelo of Brazil. Vargas is a great player all around who is good at passing, dribbling, and shooting. He is also quite strong. Lukaku has great stats and an amazing physical playing style. He is also relatively affordable and will give your team a great boost up front. Marcelo is famous making his price very high. He is very fast and has a great offensive game. Combine Marcelo with a great defensive midfielder to help cover him while he works his offense.

Chemistry and Playing Style

Planning a team for specific tournaments will help you when it comes to searching for players. It will help narrow your searches and save you time. Pick a formation you are comfortable with and build your team to fit that formation. This will give you a team chemistry boost immediately and save you coins that you would have spent on formation modifiers. Make sure you know what your playing style is and what your strengths are. Pick your players based on that style.

Squad Building Challenges

New challenges have been added to FIFA Ultimate Team called squad building challenges. Each player level includes different challenges that earn you rewards. This is one of the best ways to get rid of players that you are not using because the players that you use for these challenges are gone forever.

Loan Players

Using loan players is a great way to try out a player to see if they work well with your team before you purchase them. The concept squad tool allows you to plan what players you want on your team in the future. Playing in season mode against friends can give you plenty of practice before playing in single player.

Practice Makes Perfect

Make sure that you play plenty of matches to get as much practice as possible. This will boost your skill level and allow you to build a better team the more you play. Play in as many matches as you can.

Building your FIFA Ultimate Team takes patience and a good knowledge of your own playing style. By making sure to build up your teams chemistry, using the best players available, planning your team around specific tournaments, completing squad building challenges, working with loan players before you purchase them, and by playing as much as possible, you will build a team worthy of being called the ultimate FIFA team.

Finally, you should consider purchasing some coins to help you build your dream team faster. There are some German websites selling FUT coins at a very cheap price. Simply type inĀ FIFA Coins Kaufen into Google and you should be able to find a few solid sites.

Also, check out the video below for some actual gameplay tips in order to make sure you get the most of out of your players.

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