Tips for Growing and Maintaining Your Instagram Account

Tips for Growing and Maintaining Your Instagram Account

Social media is not going anywhere, in fact, it is growing faster than anyone could have expected. The simple truth is that if you are not spending time on your social accounts then you are losing ground to your competition. The following tips for growing and maintaining your Instagram account will have you soaring to the top of the search standings and building your following steadily.

Here are a few of the reasons why you want to be growing your Instagram account and distancing your business from those in your competitive niche.

Buying Instagram Likes

One of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram account is to simply buy them. Buying Instagram like will help to position you as a leader in any niche and to encourage others to do the same. The perception by others is that you must be doing something right to get all those likes, so what they will often do is just follow like sheep. The more likes that you buy, the bigger authority you appear, and the easier it is going to be for new traffic to come along and start to interact with your posts. You can do it here: Buy real instagram likes.

Interacting with Your Followers

One way to get your Instagram account to grow is to start interacting with your followers on a regular basis. Make sure you have the notifications turned on so that each time a person makes a comment or mention you, that you take the time to interact with them. Whether you post a reply or start following them, the key is to let them know that you are aware of how they are interacting with your content. This not only gets them to come back and do it again, it will encourage others to join in on the conversation.

Posting Regular Content

The biggest mistake you can make is buy like and interact when posters comment, but do nothing else. It is important that you are giving your followers a reason to come back time and time again. To do this, it is important that you are positing relevant and unique content every day., In fact, you should be posting at the same time everyday so that you get your audience on a schedule to come back and see what is new. One huge benefit is this new traffic will begin to share your posts with their inner circle which only increases the chance you getting more followers and likes.

Watching Your Numbers

In order to maintain your Instagram account, you have to pay close attention to the organic numbers. After you buy Instagram likes, make sure you watch to see if your efforts are yielding new numbers. If you only notice a spike in numbers after you buy, then buy more. If you notice a spike after you post, then post more.

These tips for growing and maintaining your Instagram account are simple to implement if you take the time to go through them slowly. In the end, you are going to see huge growth and traffic in record numbers.

Which Canadian VPN providers offer the best service?

If you are going to sign up for a Canadian VPN, you will want to know which providers offer the best service. After all, each VPN provider can do different things, and not every one of them is able to offer every feature you need.

Before you sign up for a Canadian VPN provider, be sure to check that they offer these basic features at least, and then look at some of the Canadian VPN providers we recommend below.

The basic features a Canadian VPN provider should offer — Obviously, as most people sign up for a VPN to ensure their online privacy, every VPN Canada provider you look at should offer the ability to completely cloak your online activities.

That includes not logging your activities as, once logged and stored, that leaves your Internet activity open to be accessed by any government agency that wants access to it.

A good VPN should also include servers that are located in a variety of countries, including Canada, so that you are always able to choose one in the country a website you need to access is located.

Other features include allowing you to stream music at fast speeds, to be able to access services like Netflix and to keep you safe if you are using a public Wi-Fi.

Finally, if you use a phone or a tablet, remember that a VPN can also cover every type of mobile device if you choose the right one. This is particularly important if you travel a lot, or spend a lot of time outside your home, as your connections will always be covered with a good VPN.

If you do any banking online, and often use your phone, then this service that a VPN offers is one of the most important ones.

Which Canadian VPN providers offer the best service? — When it comes to the best Canadian VPN providers, there are several good ones to choose from.

Some of the ones you should look at include OneVPN, VYPRVPN, Express VPN and Buffered VPN.

There are other Canadian VPN providers that may be just as good, but they may offer less or different services than you need.

Just be sure, whichever Canadian VPN service you register with, that you have checked their privacy features as well as are sure that they are not logging your browser activity.

If you are not sure which Canadian VPN provider to use? — Of course, you may find you are not remotely sure which VPN provider is going to be the best for you.

If this is the case, you can always sign up for either a free trial or just for the use of a VPN service for a month to test it out.

This will give you ample time to check out all the features a specific VPN offers, and to find out if it is going to give you both the privacy and security you need, as well as allow you to access the geo-locked sites you are interested in viewing.

Growing your IG? How to make things easier.

Growing Your Instagram Account Made Easier

Instagram is a renowned photo-sharing application, which is simple, fun and growing. Instagram additionally features sky-high user engagement levels, not forgetting the more than 700 million active monthly users. With a deep focus on visual content, the platform is yet another way for businesses and brands to connect with potential clients as well as engage their current customers. Notably, it is not just about the followers. Critical to note, cultivating an engaged community is a crucial part of a good Instagram strategy. Discussed below are a few strategies on how you can efficiently grow your Instagram account.

Choose a Niche and Cling to It

When people come to your Instagram account, they should get a straight, good feel of what you are all about without having to scroll down through your feed. If they follow you, it means they are interested in what they see and want to have more of it. It is important for your followers to be able to quickly and easily recognize your images as they scroll through the Instagram feed. This does not mean you cannot cover areas beyond your niche, you sure can. However, try to tie it back to the overall theme of your feed.

Leverage Quality Hashtags

Seemingly, nowhere in social media are hashtags more convenient and valuable as on Instagram. The right, perfect hashtags could expose your images to a large as well as the targeted audience, and on Instagram, users rarely suffer hashtag fatigue as they do on other networks. Hashtags could be a sure bet of growing a fast, retainable following on Instagram. The app allows for utmost 20 hashtags per post. Always search and record hashtags relevant to your brand, the same way you would for keywords in a blog post.

Formulate Beautiful, Consistent Feed

Notably, posting beautiful photos guarantees no sustainable success on Instagram. It becomes easier and more efficient to grow your account if you deliver a visually appealing and consistent feed. A pretty feed could be muted, light, colorful, or even dark. You can fill it with pretty food, beautiful interiors, artsy fashion shot or sweet motherhood moments. It entails finding a feel and look and sticking with it. Importantly, use similar colors for in all your images, use the same filter on every picture, and consistently edit your photos.

Read and Respond to Comments

Instagram is a social media platform, so get social. Be sure to read and respond to comments on your videos or images. Such as in real life, it might be hard to build a loyal following and relationships with a one-faced conversation. This is a reliable way of engaging and interacting with the community. Reply, ask questions and answer questions to trigger your audience into interacting with you giving you feedback.

It is worth realizing that if you intend to grow your Instagram account efficiently and productively along with an engaged following, it requires patience as it takes time – but you can kickstart by buying a few likes and followeres here and there (there are quite a few providers, like compra follower instagram who offer a few followers and likes to start things off) . However, it is all worth it for followers who present you with the experience you wanted. Additionally, depending on the nature of your venture or use of your Instagram account, learn and be willing to adapt to your niche and followers’ culture, including the language and mode of replying.

Once you have your niche, its worth to style your IG respectively – here are a few pointers:

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

WordPress Engine is popular among bloggers, developers, and WP Engine customers when it comes to hosting. While WPE may be getting positive reviews and a fair share of challenges, it is best to look out for other alternatives that may fit your budget too. If you have already been hosted by WPE and experienced challenges such as expensive packages, then keep reading and find out other competitors that can host your WordPress site. Make sure to check The 9 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms 2017 (Ranked!)

Fly Wheel

Fly wheel has attractive hosting packages the cheapest being $15 a monthly. The package allows 500 guests, has 250 GB bandwidth and storage space of up to 5 GB. Many bloggers are finding Fly Wheel as an adorable host to their WordPress sites as it offers everything needed without compromising performance.

Advantages of Fly Wheel

-It is recommended by

-Fly Wheel staff handles the transferring process at no extra cost.

-it’s now possible to manage all your sites from one dashboard.

-Each site you own gets a dedicated IP address.

-It is a user-friendly host

Disadvantages of Fly Wheel

-It is not a popular host as WPE.

-It limits hosting to WordPress only.

-If your site attracts high traffic than what you had paid for you get charged extra fees.


If Fly Wheel does not match your interests, then Pressidium is the WPE that you should test. The hosting company is fairly new in the market but has tremendous growth and positive remarks from its users. Pressidium has great hosting performance and uses a custom made Pinnacle Platform which offers you enterprise architecture with different hosting packages. Its plans start at $49.90 a month hosting three WordPress site and stretch to $599.90 a month to host up to 50 sites.

Advantages of Pressidium

-A simple dashboard that you can change administration settings to suit your needs.

-Transferring your website is done for free.

-It’s free to create an SFTP sub accounts.

-The pressidium staff helps you with any site challenges.

Disadvantages of Pressidium

-It does not offer any email accounts.

-Pressidium has limited payment options which are Visa, MasterCard and debit cards.

-Each hosting plan has allotted traffic limit which ranges from 1000 to one million.


Pressable has partnered with Google PageSpeed which makes it a unique and outstanding hosting service provider. Pressable markets itself as the number when it comes to customer service. The partnership with Google PageSpeed has played part in improving the site’s speed and the results are a long list of clients and positive feedback. Each of Pressable hosting plans includes free Content Delivery Network, managed updates collaborator access and SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt. The plan charges are from $25 a month for five and below sites to $750 a month for more than 100 sites.

Advantages of Pressable

-You get newly installed plugins as soon as a new version is released.

-You have unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

– Content Delivery Network is free for all plans.

-When having challenges, you can let a developer access your site and limit his access later using the collaborator access tool.

Disadvantages of Pressable

-Extra traffic attracts extra charges.

-Pressable can only host WordPress sites.

-It has an unattractive admin interface.

If you have had challenges with WP engine or you find it expensive, the above-managed hosting providers are the best alternatives to WP engine and worth considering.

Is Using A VPN Recommended For Everyone?

The VPN you are using for your own security will be quite helpful when you are surfing the Internet, and you may purchase or use a free version at any time. Choosing to use a VPB is an important part of security for your phone or computer, and you will feel much better knowing that you have something that blocks you from hackers. This article explains how you may learn to use a VPN, and you will find that it does a number of things to help you stay secure.

#1: Location

The VPN will give you a location that is not your own, and anyone who is trying to hack your account will think that you are in another location. This is the simplest form of safety, and it will protect you from people who wants to know your location. They may use your location to learn quickly what you are doing, but a hacker is confused when they see the wrong location.

#2: Different Servers

You are given a new IP address, and you are routed through multiple servers that will prevent a hacker from accessing your information. The IP address is rotating at all times, and no one can track you long enough to steal your information. This is quite helpful when you have questions about your security, and you must ensure that you have chosen a VPN that will change your servers often. You may check the IP you have been given in the app, and you will see it change every few minutes.

#3: Avoiding Security Apps

You will get into blocked websites when your company or school has blocked certain sites, and you will be routed through the VPN server to ensure that you are not using your local network at all. Your local network becomes a portal where you go to the Internet, but it is nothing more than that. You will find that avoiding security measures is quite simple, and you will notice that you may go to any site that was once forbidden.

#4: Protecting Your Identity

You will protect your identity by using the VPN, and you will notice how simple it is to keep your name and location out of the mouths of hackers. Your name is often attached to your ISP account, and you must know that you are not giving that information away online. The VPN will make everything anonymous, and they will ensure that you have taken steps to prevent your name from being exposed in any way.

There are quite a few people who will find it interesting to use a VPN for the first time, and they will wonder how they may safeguard their phones and tablets. You may go to the VPN through a website, or you may download a VPN app at any time from a VPN provider (see popular VPN providers at mejor vpn). You have the finest security when you are using the VPN, and you avoid the loss of data that occurs when you are hacked by someone who accessed your ISP.

Advantages of buying website traffic

When a person owes a website, they are going to wonder what type of traffic that they are going to get on their website if they buy traffic. Therefore, it is hard for them to see all of the advantages that they could have by buying the website traffic. It has been a proven fact that there is no better way to get people to visit your website especially when you are looking for a certain audience that you want to visit the website and buy your particular products.

There are several advantages of buying website traffic. The first advantage is that you will be able to make a good commission. When you have more traffic coming to your website, then all of your prospects are going to make more money. Your goal should be for all of the visitors of your website will click on the links of the affiliates and buy some of their products. This means that you are going to making an investment in something that will buy your potential income.

The second advantage is that it brings some consistency to your website. The traffic on your website is something that you are always going to want to be consistent. By owning the website, you will be able to see that the amount of people who visit your website will be unpredictable. Therefore, when you buy the website traffic, you will have a lot more control of the amount of people visiting your website. This also means that your website is going to have a lot more stability then it did before.

The third advantage is that the website traffic will be able to provide the website some quicker results. This means that the results are going to be more immediate compared to using some of the other strategies that people can use to increase the traffic on their website. Some of the other approaches are going to be slower and cost a lot more money to do.

The fourth advantage is that it is going to bring in a certain audience. It needs to be geared toward the people that are wanting to buy your products. This is a great alternative to having to send out links to people all the time. The website traffic is going to allow these customers to see you first without having to worry about any of the competition. Therefore, you are going to see a big increase in your traffic for the website and the amount of sales will increase greatly.

The fifth advantage is that it is very convenient so it is going to help you to save a lot of money. It is going to drive a lot of people to look at your website for just a few dollars compared to some of the other techniques that will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, it is very easy to use. This is one of the main reasons why some of the newer companies are using this method to make sure that you are getting the right traffic to your website.

How SEO Companies Can Help Your Business

More than ever before, businesses are facing a lot of competition. Every day, millions of websites are published, and that brings more competition to nearly every niche you can find yourself in. The way to level the playing field is to focus on marketing standards that are available today. Amidst the most important of these solutions, you’ll find SEO.

Defining SEO Properly

This 3 letter acronym is the basis for the most powerful way to get attention online. It stands for the words search engine optimization. It’s a way to optimize your page to ensure that you get targeted traffic from search engines. Done properly, you will receive warm to hot leads to your site, competing with other companies that may be larger than yours. There is a variety of different elements that come with SEO, but when done properly, several benefits can manifest. SEO companies can help your business rise through the ranks of search engines, and even usurp attention from larger entities, in several ways.

SEO Tells Search Engines About Your Business

The first major way that SEO companies can help your business is simple, they comply with web standards. Web standards associated with optimization tells search engines that your site is not only up, it’s updated. When someone uses search options like Google, they look for relevance within the keywords they use. Optimization helps with relevant search results, giving you a fighting chance to get noticed amidst others in your niche.

Getting Mobile Traffic

Mobile traffic is the key to success online. SEO companies today are focusing on building traffic ratios that send mobile users directly to your business. The latest algorithm changes that Google has updated, for example, is in direct relationship to how mobile users are searching. They look through local search results, business results, and geographic locations. Without optimization, mobile users would not find your business when they are nearby, nor when they are looking for specific information.

Meeting Consumers Where They Are

Think about how often someone searches for information on the internet. Millions of searches are conducted at every waking hour. Around the world, search results give people information about what to buy, where to go, what to do, and so much more. Meeting consumers where they are can be as simple as making sure that their search results show your business. That’s where a SEO expert comes in. They bridge the gap between your business and the results that people are searching for on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers in general.

Competing With Others Directly

If you’re going to compete with companies in any industry, then you need to do what they are doing. The most successful companies in the world right now are implementing SEO. They have hired professionals and are getting personalized solutions that direct results fast. Without updating your site’s code, backlinks, and much more, you will not be competing with others in the way that is standard. Your business can easily be left behind, if you do not comply with marketing standards in place today. It’s that simple. Compete with small and large companies through SEO and you can at least level the proverbial playing field.

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