Growing your IG? How to make things easier.

Growing Your Instagram Account Made Easier

Instagram is a renowned photo-sharing application, which is simple, fun and growing. Instagram additionally features sky-high user engagement levels, not forgetting the more than 700 million active monthly users. With a deep focus on visual content, the platform is yet another way for businesses and brands to connect with potential clients as well as engage their current customers. Notably, it is not just about the followers. Critical to note, cultivating an engaged community is a crucial part of a good Instagram strategy. Discussed below are a few strategies on how you can efficiently grow your Instagram account.

Choose a Niche and Cling to It

When people come to your Instagram account, they should get a straight, good feel of what you are all about without having to scroll down through your feed. If they follow you, it means they are interested in what they see and want to have more of it. It is important for your followers to be able to quickly and easily recognize your images as they scroll through the Instagram feed. This does not mean you cannot cover areas beyond your niche, you sure can. However, try to tie it back to the overall theme of your feed.

Leverage Quality Hashtags

Seemingly, nowhere in social media are hashtags more convenient and valuable as on Instagram. The right, perfect hashtags could expose your images to a large as well as the targeted audience, and on Instagram, users rarely suffer hashtag fatigue as they do on other networks. Hashtags could be a sure bet of growing a fast, retainable following on Instagram. The app allows for utmost 20 hashtags per post. Always search and record hashtags relevant to your brand, the same way you would for keywords in a blog post.

Formulate Beautiful, Consistent Feed

Notably, posting beautiful photos guarantees no sustainable success on Instagram. It becomes easier and more efficient to grow your account if you deliver a visually appealing and consistent feed. A pretty feed could be muted, light, colorful, or even dark. You can fill it with pretty food, beautiful interiors, artsy fashion shot or sweet motherhood moments. It entails finding a feel and look and sticking with it. Importantly, use similar colors for in all your images, use the same filter on every picture, and consistently edit your photos.

Read and Respond to Comments

Instagram is a social media platform, so get social. Be sure to read and respond to comments on your videos or images. Such as in real life, it might be hard to build a loyal following and relationships with a one-faced conversation. This is a reliable way of engaging and interacting with the community. Reply, ask questions and answer questions to trigger your audience into interacting with you giving you feedback.

It is worth realizing that if you intend to grow your Instagram account efficiently and productively along with an engaged following, it requires patience as it takes time – but you can kickstart by buying a few likes and followeres here and there (there are quite a few providers, like compra follower instagram who offer a few followers and likes to start things off) . However, it is all worth it for followers who present you with the experience you wanted. Additionally, depending on the nature of your venture or use of your Instagram account, learn and be willing to adapt to your niche and followers’ culture, including the language and mode of replying.

Once you have your niche, its worth to style your IG respectively – here are a few pointers:

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