Looking For A Car On A $5,000 Budget? Here Is What You Need To Know

You can still buy a pretty good car on a limited budget budget. You just have to know what to look for and where to look. You also have to keep your eyes and ears open for people who are looking to scam you. Not every seller you talk to will be honest with you. Our guide will help look for the best cars under $5,000.

“It is time to call a spade a spade”.

Those of you who act like a naive buyer, you will get treated as such. It is time to arm yourself with some knowledge and go car hunting.

1) Attitude Counts

“You can still buy a Mercedes, but it will cost you”

In other words, do not try to look cool. You need to put this on the backburner for now. Buying a luxury car is going to push your finances to the brink. It does not make sense to “nickel and dime” your life and car just to be popular. No one cares what kind of car you drive. This type of mentality ends when you exit high school. You are an adult now. It is time to act like one.

2) Your Local Mechanic Knows More Than You Think

“I may dress like a slob, but I know more than you think I do”

It is in your best interest to know your mechanic. Talk to him and become his friend. He sees more than you know. He may have the inside hook to getting you a new car. He may have one that costs you $5,000. Many assume that “grease monkeys” are nothing more than apes with “tuning capabilities”.

This is not true. Sometimes the monkey holds all the cards while everyone else is left empty-handed. Play your cards right, he may hand over the deck to you. Drop some hints and let him do what he does. You may just get a phone call when you are least expecting it.

3) Car Lots Are Dead

“Car lots are a lot like someone playing without a full deck of cards. The lights may be on, but there is no one home”.

There are 2 reasons to avoid a car lot. First, the negotiating skills will not be matched properly. One will know how to do it and one will not. Secondly, it is like a bank that is open after hours. There may be someone in the building, but the help has gone home.

4) Be Your Own Guide

“Do not rely on someone else’s word”

People will tell you anything. In order to gain the knowledge, you have to gain the experience too. It is like going into a job interview for a job you did not receive any training in. Why would you hire a bar patron to manage a bar? Just because the person has visited the bar, that does not mean he or she knows how to operate it.

The only way to get this experience is to try and fail. Same thing goes for car shopping. Sometimes you have to drive many pumpkins before you find your carriage. Do the math yourself. Do not take someone else’s word on the matter.

“People believe what they want to believe. Make sure when you buy your belief is 100%”



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