PS4: External Hard Drives – Which one should I get?

How to find the best hard drives for the PS4 Pro

Do you own a PS4 Pro? Have you been having problems with the hard drive and have decided to upgrade to a new one?


If so, here are a few ways to help you find the compatible 2tb replacement internal HDD for PS4. Hard drives you will get a great gaming experience out of with very few problems.


Online review sites — There are review sites set up online that specifically look at hard drives for all types of consoles. The PS4 Pro is one of them.


Find some of the top review sites and spend time reading reviews on the top PS4 Pro hard drives. These reviews will tell you what kind of performance you are going to get with each hard drive. Will it handle the type of games you play? What kind of frame rate are you likely to get? Will you have problems with your games crashing, or is a particular PS4 Pro hard drive reliable?


Read as many reviews as you have time for and make a note of any of the hard drives that get good reviews. You can also print out the reviews, so you can refer back to them if you decide to buy a particular hard drive.


Ask other PS4 Pro gamers about theirs — Many hardcore PS4 Pro gamers will have replaced hard drives in their consoles, so they can be a wonderful resource when it comes to replacing yours.


Find a couple of the chat rooms that PS4 Pro gamers hang out at and ask for help on replacing a PS4 Pro hard drive. You should get some great information, not only about which of the many hard drives are the best but also where you are likely to get the lowest prices.


Make a note of each and add to the list you already have.


Review features — Now you have a list of hard drives, you want to spend a little time reviewing each of their features versus their cost.


How much is each PS4 Pro hard drive and what type of features does it come with for that? Is one likely to be better for you than others? Do some have features you do not need? Which PS4 Pro hard drive is probably going to be the best for your particular type of gaming, and can you afford to buy it?


Pick out one or two that you would like to own and start researching the price.


Compare prices across various online stores — The last thing is to compare prices for the hard drives you want across a variety of online shops, as they can differ quite markedly.


If you spend enough time looking, you should be able to find what you want at an affordable price. You can also use a price comparison site and a shopping app to help you locate the cheapest suppliers before you decide to buy one.


Just always remember to incorporate the cost of shipping the unit into the total cost.

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